Da Pauli

With a special love for the harder styles in house music, Da Pauli (real name Paul Henstra) started his dj career in 1999. In that period a new style was born, called (early) hardstyle. He loved this style and started playing it during his performances. His name was becoming more popular every day and soon he was asked to play on big hardstyle events like Decibel Outdoor, Qlubtempo and Multigroove. He even had a residency at the popular German club The Bridge.
During that same period he also was infected with another sound: jump! A style with roots in Belgium and a very nice oldschool flavour. Within a few years this sound became very popular. Da Pauli therefore played on many jump events to spread his love for this style. Together with dj’s like Ruthless, Darkraver, Coone, Dr. Rude, Paul Elstak, Da Boy Tommy & Da Rick and many others he played on Pussy Lounge, Decibel Outdoor, UP, Audio Attack and many other great events.
Nowadays Da Pauli blends it all: jump, EDM, (early) hardstyle, happy hardcore, trap, oldschool classics, you name it. The result? Freestyle baby!
Check his new tracks, bootlegs and mixes on Soundcloud to know what his style is all about.